​TJ Westlake can help unlock the power of your health data to drive better patient outcomes.

TJ Westlake has comprehensive experience in delivering health informatics and analytics solutions. We put the power of your technology and resources to work for you to ensure patients achieved better results.  Our Patient centered approach ensure to focus of your data resources and analyses remains focused on the human.

         Our team can assist your organization in the transition from data management through data science to data informatics while focusing on patient centered outcomes.


Health Policy

Research & Consulting

Policymakers can only connect at-risk groups to the available resources when they understand behaviors and health determinants. We look to combines multiple data sets to develop profiles of populations with common attributes.

Our team conducts qualitative, quantitative and observational analyses to identify key health issues or unmet needs. We have performed evaluation studies in several areas, leveraging our in-depth experience to help federal clients develop demonstration programs, design program evaluations and build thought leadership on critical health care issues. This aids in better understanding of program effectiveness, identification and adoption of best practices, and improved policies and programs. Other expertise includes:

  • Transition to Value-Based Care – Provide analysis through evidence-based guidelines informed by quality patient experience data.

  • Development of Predictive Modeling – Enabling stakeholder input to build consensus, strengthen collaborative efforts and increase consumer engagement.

  • Population Health – -Analyze prevalence, impacts and trends in specific populations.

  • Model development – Combine sound statistical and econometric methods to develop new models and conduct complex analyses. These models can be adapted to strategic planning, budgeting, policy, operational analyses, and health outcomes assessments.

  • In-depth performance monitoring  –  Help state and federal governments improve the quality of health care delivery.

  • Analysis of patient-centered outcomes, Multilevel analysis based upon organizational level strategy and strategic level policy.